Dang Vo-Hai


Position: Former Member Vo-Hai, Dang
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JRESEARCH_PHONE: +31107044219

Dang Vo-Hai was born in Soc Trang, Vietnam, January 1985. In October 2011 he obtained his master degree in Information System Development at HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, with a focus on Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM).

He has been working as a lecturer at College of Information and Communication Technology, Can Tho University, Vietnam since 2009. His research interests include Open source software, Data modeling, machine learning, and Web-based application development techniques.

In July 2015 he joined Biosemantics group as a Ph.D student. His research focus on text mining of electronic healthcare records. The aim of study is to develop and apply a system to mine free-text healthcare records for diseases, signs and symptoms, and drug-related data.