ODEX4all – Open Discovery and Exchange for All


Start date: 01-03-2014

Duration: 24 months

Status: In progress

Project website: https://www.esciencecenter.nl/project/odex4all

People involved: Wytze Vlietstra, Rein Vos, Jan Kors, Erik van Mulligen



The ODEX4all project focuses on the challenges associated with the ever-growing amount of research data in the life sciences. Traditional ways of publishing, retrieving and using these massive data sources are inadequate to provide researchers and computers access to information in a manner needed for the scientific reasoning process.

ODEX4all will realize semantic interoperability on key datasets creating an infrastructure that enables advanced levels of computer-assisted analysis and discovery. The datasets include open access publications, closed access publications, abstracts and relevant legacy data sources and descriptions of published and current experimental datasets. The project will compare various approaches to access and analyze this interoperable dataset.

The project will address private-partner driven research questions from different disciplines. These research questions have in common that they all require advanced knowledge discovery capabilities provided by ODEX4all.