R e s o u r c e s

Following resources are available to download.


Mantra Gold Standard Corpus

A multilingual gold-standard corpus for biomedical concept recognition.

The joint chemical dictionary (Jochem)

A dictionary for the identification of small molecules and drugs in text.


EMC Dutch Clinical Corpus

A gold-standard corpus annotated for negation, temporality, and experiencer properties.


EU-ADR Corpus

A gold-standard corpus annotated for drugs, disorders, genes and their inter-relationships.


Annotated Chemical Patent Corpus

A gold-standard corpus annotated for chemicals in different subclasses,     diseases, targets, and modes of action



Non-systematic chemical identifiers

Non-systematic identifiers and their ambiguity, compared within and across small-molecule databases. 


Common Evidence Model

Common Evidence Model (CEM) is a structure for standardising evidence about drug-outcome relationship across disparate evidence sources.