Peregrine is an indexing engine or tagger: a piece of software that can be used to recognize concepts in human readable text, based on a database (thesaurus) of known terms. Multi-word terms are correctly recognized. If terms can represent multiple concepts, Peregrine will attempt to disambiguate them.

Peregrine was originally developed by Martijn Schuemie at the department of Medical Informatics of the Erasmus University Medical Center (EMC) in Rotterdam and has been improved and made into open source in collaboration with NBIC's BioAssist Engineering Team. Peregrine project has a dual licensing model. Its source code is released under the AGPL license for the open source community. For people who are interested in a closed source and commercial use of Peregrine, please contact Jan Kors or ErasmusMC's Technology Transfer Office.


Download Peregrine from the following link.

Citing Peregrine

If you have used Peregrine in your study, please cite:

Schuemie MJ, Jelier R, Kors JA: Peregrine: Lightweight gene name normalization by dictionary lookup. (2007) Proceedings of the Biocreative 2 workshop 2007, 131-140.